Darwin Pangilinan

Partner, Audit

San Francisco, CA

Darwin Pangilinan has experience serving clients in the technology, biotechnology and venture capital industries, ranging from startups to large public companies.


Avid music fan and traveling the world to attend music festivals

Just like any profession, you need to make sure you have ownership of your career, and at OUM that is very much in your hands as well.

Darwin on career growth opportunity at OUM


The audit manager plans engagements, manages fieldwork, and supervises audit staff. They also communicate audit and accounting issues to clients and engagement leaders, and assist in concluding and wrapping up audits.

  • Darwin Pangilinan
  • Darwin Pangilinan
  • Darwin Pangilinan
  • Darwin Pangilinan

The firm makes an effort to make sure that I’m able to enjoy and do things that I actually like to do outside of work.

Darwin on flexibility and the firm's allowance of personal time management