At OUM, we often cross paths with extraordinary people whose life experiences embody the positive power of the human spirit in business or the community. We’ve had a chance to sit down and talk with some of them so that we can share their stories and provide inspiration to others. Click to read our featured interviews below or explore some of our past entries.

Robert (Bo) Ottinger
Robert (Bo) OttingerOttinger Employment Lawyers
Viv Sakovich
Viv Sakovich Animoto Inc.
Kristi Yamaguchi
Kristi YamaguchiFounder & Visionary of the Always Dream Foundation
Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer WilsonConvergenceCoaching, LLC
Yuliya Flynn
Yuliya FlynnYooli Foods
Kathy Ryan
Kathy RyanRoseRyan
Max Scheder-Bieschin
Max Scheder-BieschinEkso Bionics (Ekso)
Yat-Pang Au
Yat-Pang AuVeritas Investments
J. Patrick Hunt
J. Patrick HuntHandi-Kup Company
Eric Edelson
Eric EdelsonFireclay Tile
Irv H. Lichtenwald
Irv H. LichtenwaldMedsphere Systems Corporation
Ahmed Rahim & Reem Rahim Hassani
Ahmed Rahim & Reem Rahim HassaniNumi Organic Tea
Anne Bisagno & Tom Snyder
Anne Bisagno & Tom SnyderXantrion, Inc.