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In order to best serve our clients, we have been committed to a set of core values since our founding over 40 years ago that fosters a productive and positive work environment. Although our professionals represent various backgrounds and regions, the following CPA philosophy and office culture values are of collective importance to all of us:

Respect and Recognition: We strive to promote mutual respect throughout our organization – whether one serves as a managing partner or a first-year associate. Each and every individual at our firm works tirelessly, and we recognize, appreciate and reward those efforts. A work environment built on respect and recognition creates a collegial professional staff that routinely go above and beyond the call of duty for clients.

Trust: We maintain a transparent atmosphere based on trust where we are accountable to, and can rely on, each other for honesty and integrity. Without that foundation, we would not be able to provide our clients the topnotch work product they demand. In turn, our clients trust us with their routine, and more importantly, their challenging financial business needs. This foundation of mutual trust has resulted in many long-term relationships with our clients, with some spanning decades.

Success: Our success and our clients’ success come hand in hand. In order to assist them with their business challenges, we set high standards for the work we do and are driven to providing the utmost service. Our clients should always feel a sense of security when having us in their corner as a trusted advisor. We are there to make sure their businesses run smoothly and support their continued success.

Quality: We solve difficult problems by using creative thinking and teamwork, and we consistently identify means and methods to perform tasks more efficiently. While we have specialists in nearly every aspect of financial and accounting services, we continue to expand our knowledge base, and share that knowledge within the organization. Each day provides an opportunity for us to think about how to make sense of the continuous changes taking place in our industry so that our clients can reap the benefits of our knowledge.

Community: We believe that succeeding as one firm is more important than succeeding independently. We are one team. We want our professionals to feel that they are a part of something bigger and that they are making a positive contribution to both our OUM community and the outside communities that we serve.